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What You Need to Know Before Relocating For Your Dream Job

Relocating for your dream job is becoming more commonplace as the world becomes more connected. The connections you make through networking open up a whole new world of opportunities that can take you anywhere. So you've finally found it, the job of your dreams and you need to relocate. As well as being a bit scary and daunting, relocation is a fantastic chance to have a fresh start, and all the better when you’re going to be doing your dream job at the same time! Of course, like any big change, there are a few things you should think about before you make the move and we’ve rounded them all up for you.


1. Cost of living

The cost of living varies between and across countries. It is worth looking at the cost of living not only in the country you will be moving to but also for each of the areas you are thinking of moving to. Costs of living will make a huge difference to your day to day life and the experience you have when moving.


Often recruiters will include a relocation package with your job and therefore checking to see whether it is tied to a specific area is important. After all, there’s a large difference between living in a large city, versus a quiet suburb or the country. If the cost of living in one area is astronomical but the neighbouring area is almost nothing by comparison, then you’ll be glad to have done your research.


Living in an area with a relatively low cost of living compared to your wage will increase the disposable income you have available each month, making the move a lot less stressful and leaving you with money to save or spend. However, even if you’re moving to a more affluent area, there are ways to make it work, which is why it’s important to do your research. Here at Endorsed, we’re all about helping you make the most of your dream job. With our expert team of relocation know-hows, we can support you in understanding the cost of living in your new location.


2. Amenities

One often overlooked detail of a relocation is amenities, yet without them, we would be utterly lost! Many things we take for granted every day may not be a guarantee in your new area. Amenities can cover anything from food stores and sports facilities to the internet and mobile phone coverage in an area. We often take internet and phone coverage for granted but you certainly don’t want to change areas to somewhere in a ‘dead zone’ unless you really love being off the grid!


From a lifestyle perspective you will no doubt want to consider shopping amenities around your new location – where can you do your food shopping and at what times? Perhaps you are a fitness buff and need a gym nearby, or are keen to make sure a local doctor or dentist is available. All of these elements are important when deciding on whether a relocation would work for you. Doing some research can pay dividends, as you may be able to use this information to negotiate a better package from your new employer or simply ensure you don’t make the wrong choice when looking for a new place to live.


3. Transport

Getting to and from work can be great, or a total nightmare… to avoid the latter, you’ll want to brush up on your knowledge of the transport systems in your new area. This is especially important if you are deciding where to live as well because it might well be worthwhile spending £50 more to live closer to work or next to a station with an express line compared to a place which is 20 minutes from the station and an hour’s commute from your work.


Transport times should also form part of your research – are you going to be restricted as to when you can travel? Does the transport system close during certain times and how reliable is it? Finding the answers to these questions will make your relocation infinitely more enjoyable, as you then won’t ever have the bad surprise of finding out the last train leaves at 8 pm - far too early to enjoy a night out with your new work colleagues.


Getting the transport right will help you build your networks and get connected. Top employers will often include travel information in your relocation information, and sometimes will include transport fares, such as bus or train passes, in your relocation package.

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4. Housing

Whether you’re buying or renting in your new area, as with any move, it is important to do your research. If your move is within your own country the rules are less complicated. Generally, you can pack up your belongings hand over the keys, and pick up your new keys after a short amount of paperwork and administration.


When it comes to moving to another country there are a few more considerations. One such consideration is whether you are allowed to buy in the area. Some countries have strict rules about foreigners buying or renting properties and may insist you live for a certain period of time before you can rent or buy in specific areas. It is important to do your research well, so you can be savvy with estate agents in your new area and get the best deal. After all, you’ve got your dream job, so why shouldn’t you also get your dream home while you’re at it?


5. Lifestyle

Depending on where you are relocating to, the culture and your lifestyle could vary by very little, or by a lot. It is very important that you find out about the culture and lifestyle of the area you will be moving to, especially if their culture is very different (otherwise you may find yourself in a bit of a culture shock!).


Top employers will often give you basic information about the culture and area when you are talking about the job. Further research can be very helpful especially in making connections with those in the area before you travel out. This can make moving in a little easier because you already know some of the people you’ll be working with or living near to. Relocation is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself as well, growing your social network and career network, as well as experiencing a whole new place and all that it brings.


6. Relocation package

If a company really, really wants you to come and work for them, they’ll often throw in an attractive relocation bonus. If you’re their best talent, all top employers will be offering you whatever they can to ensure they get you and no other company can entice you away. This can include anything from flights and travel costs to come and view the place you’ll be working and living before you’ve even started the job, paying for all of your possessions to cross the ocean, or paying your rent or part of your deposit for your new home after you’ve accepted (and of course, some are all of the above and more!). Relocation packages can take a huge amount of the stress of relocation away from you, allowing you to fully enjoy the amazing opportunity.


7. Get Endorsed

So what can Endorsed do for you? Endorsed puts you in full control. You create one simple profile, allowing you to connect with top employers who are hiring the best talent (that’s you!) Based on your key skills and location preferences, top employers make you offers. You choose the offers of interest and chat directly with employees to land your dream job. Of course, Endorsed experts are on hand at all times to offer support. They understand that relocation can be daunting, especially if you are settled with a family and good friends, but they are determined to help you make the most of the new opportunities. Once you’ve nailed down your dream job, Endorsed experts will support you in understanding your new location, so you don’t have to worry and can enjoy your new job and your relocation. When you get there, there’s just one last thing for you to do – have fun!

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