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The Top 5 Most Annoying Things About Job Hunting

Let’s be honest: job hunting is not fun. It’s true what they say; looking for a job really is a job in itself,and it’s possibly one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have. It’s a job with no fixed start and finish times requiring lots of dedicated hours and intensive effort.


From profile updates and messages to writing and rewriting your CV and career history to suit every different job you apply to. It’s long, hard, exhausting and often literally thankless work. Most surveys of current or recent job seekers have found the same frustrations cited over and over again. Here are our top five that we’re sure everyone who’s ever applied for a job can relate to...


1. The Application Black Hole

Every job seeker knows the importance of making a good first impression. The application form or cover letter and CV must be well written and presented, with perfect spelling and grammar, and cover everything in the job description, often with limited file space or word allowances. You draft and redraft, you get advice and feedback from family members, friends to colleagues then you enter that final application, press the submit button, and wait. And wait. And wait.


For many job seekers, never hearing anything back is one of the most soul-destroying aspects of job searching. All that hard work to get nowhere, to not even be acknowledged in some cases. Not even an automated email response confirming that your application has been safely received and that if you don’t hear from the company in say, three weeks, you can assume you have been unsuccessful. It seems that even the biggest companies go without such a simple common courtesy and you’re left weeks, even months down the line wondering if your email even made it past a filter or they just thought you were a useless candidate.


2. The World’s Longest Application Process

When did it become so hard to just get to the interview stage? Once it was enough to send a really good CV that matched the job description and there was a good chance you’d get an interview. Things are different now. Now there’s often an insanely long and complex online application form containing never ending yes or no questions, endless subsections for your past experience, qualifications and skills. And worst of all, you’re doing this whilst hoping that the save function hasn’t failed or you’ll have to start the whole process all over again.


If luck is on your side and you get safely through that first herculean task, you’ll find yourself invited to endless online aptitude tests, personality tests and verbal and numerical reasoning assessments before you just might be selected for what always used to be stage one - an actual interview! It just makes the work of finding work even harder work!


Job Hunting, Endorsed Online Recruitment Platform

3. The World’s Longest Interview Process

Once upon a time the process seemed so simple: great CV and letter, great interview, congratulations you’re hired. Simple and effective. Sadly, the now epic online application process is just a forewarning of how the whole hiring system has changed in the vast majority of cases. For many companies, the recruitment process is far more complex. Now it’s rare that there’s just one interview; instead, there’s a series of interviews, including timed tests, panel interviews, presentations and team meet-and-greets. And the best news? That’s just stage one!


If you make it through that, you go on to round two and even round three, yet more interviews, simulations, role plays, tests and trials... it’s time-consuming, seemingly endless and only prolongs the agony for the unlucky ones who make it through and only fall at the final hurdle.


4. Secret Salaries

Jobs without a specified salary bracket are incredibly frustrating. It’s understandable that employers want someone who is interested in the job for more than just a fat wage packet that can cover luxury holidays and fast cars. They want someone who is committed to their role and the quality of work they produce, not just what the role can give to them. But as a result of this approach, the average, genuine job seeker is left trying to guess if this exciting looking role is actually going to allow them to keep their house and car and if it’s worth undergoing the painfully long application process only to find out that they can’t survive on the allotted pay anyway. To some extent, the absence of a salary bracket can relate to our next point...


5. Salary Negotiation

In the world of modern recruitment, employers seem to quite enjoy salary negotiations, one reason some job seekers think as to why they don’t post a specific salary bracket on adverts. By contrast, such discussions are nothing but painful for most job seekers. What do you do?! You want the job - why would you go through the intense application process otherwise - but at the same time, you don’t want to find yourself working flat out for over 50 hours a week for a relative pittance. Having someone ask your expected salary as part of a job interview or a conditional job offer, particularly if this isn’t something you’ve come across before, can feel like a wandering into a minefield. It’s great to have the offer, but are you about to blow it?


So what can you do to help ease the pain of searching for a new job? Endorsed can help.



Here at Endorsed, we've been listening to the frustrations of modern job seekers for years and we’re working to help make your life, and the lives of your prospective employers, much easier. Endorsed provides a technology platform which matches the best candidates with exceptional employers creating a perfect network of connections for you and the companies looking for people just like you!


With Endorsed, it’s Simple. You complete one profile (that’s right, just one!) and through this standardised profile you are presented to all relevant employers for your sector / specialism. We pride ourselves on cutting out as many unnecessary steps as possible, using a single networking platform with centralised communication to reduce overall hiring time.


  • Chat directly with connections (including prospective employers)
  • Receive upfront job offers
  • Schedule interviews to secure that dream job
  • There’s no need to trawl the web for job opportunities
  • No data security worries which often arise when you post your CV to websites as your personal information is kept anonymous
  • No middlemen involved like in the standard recruitment agency model
  • Salary packages are always made clear from the start
  • We have expert staff who specialise in salary negotiations if you feel you’d like their help.


Endorsed can help you make the connections with top employers who only want the best talent in their sector. Start building your career network today.

Get Endorsed. Get Connected. Get your dream job.

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