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How to Retain Your Anonymity and Get Your Dream Job

We all know that finding a new job can be tough, but in today’s hyperconnected world, it can be even tougher to do this privately. If you’re already in a position and looking for that next great opportunity, you’ll understand the need to keep your job search under wraps. If your news got out within the workplace, let's just say it may not go down too well with your current employer. Here are a few pointers on what not to do when you're already employed, but looking for a great new job.


1. Beware Job Boards

When applying for roles online, ensure that your CV can't be viewed publicly. Most of the time, job sites ask your permission on whether your CV can be viewed by employers so that they can contact you to ask your interest on available positions. The downfall of this is that your CV is most likely also visible to your current employer, especially if they use large job sites to hire new candidates. There is a very good possibility that your employer will come across your CV and cover letter which claims you are on the lookout for a new role.


2. Linkedin Profile Update

Many employers check out Linkedin to find new talent, so it makes sense to make sure that your profile is kept up to date. Even if you’re not on the lookout for a new job, Linkedin is a great way to network with likeminded individuals who have similar skill-sets and interests to you. But, doing a Linkedin overhaul is often a warning sign that you’re looking for a new job and would like to get noticed by competitors. The biography section can be used to express your skill set and current situation, in order for potential employers to get a grasp on what you are looking for. If you share connections with colleagues or your boss (very likely!) advertising that you’re looking for new opportunities may not be wise!


3. Social Media Shout-Outs

Publicly announcing your desire to switch jobs on social media wouldn't be advised if you are already employed. Regardless of whether or not your social media profiles are private, followers or friends may have connections with your employer. Twitter is known as a great platform for networking due to the range of employers and professionals who are interested in creating interesting discussions to find potential candidates. This is a great way to find work if you are not already in a role, but not recommended for those of you who are already employed. Most Twitter conversations are public, therefore whatever you wish to mention to a potential employer is also read by your followers.

So how do you land a new job anonymously, when you're already employed?


Endorsed is the direct hiring platform where top jobs come to you. Forget the job search! You create one simple, private profile and top employers in your industry and sector send you upfront job offers. It really is that simple!


Endorsed Online Recruitment Platform

How do Endorsed help you retain your anonymity?

1. Private Platform

Unlike other online platforms such as job boards or social media profiles, Endorsed allows you to have a private profile so your boss will never find out you are on the job hunt. Your profile will remain on the site for as long as you require. Only top employers on Endorsed will be able to access your profile, therefore you will never need to worry about your profile popping up elsewhere on the net and getting into the wrong hands.


2. Hide Yourself

With Endorsed, you choose who can see your profile. So if you’re aware that your current employer also has an Endorsed profile to find potential candidates, you can ‘block’ them. Simply hide away from selected individuals and you are able to use the platform with peace of mind.


3. Chat Direct

Forget formal communication such as emailing or phone calls - Endorsed gives candidates and employers the opportunity to chat direct through the platform. There is no need to communicate through your personal address or company email, so your personal details don't have to be handed over. Endorsed is a mutual safe space where security is of high priority.


4. Fast Hiring

One particularly tricky part of landing a new job whilst still employed is the lengthy hiring processes that go hand in hand with traditional recruitment. With Endorsed, candidates have secured a new job in as little as one week! Endorsed can’t guarantee you’ll land your dream job in a week, but they can make it so much easier and faster than ever before! Forget the job search, only chat with employers you are really interested in and before committing to an interview make sure you have all the information upfront. Endorsed can showcase your profile for as long as you require, but you’re likely to be snapped up quickly!


5. Upfront Job Offers

Unlike other job sites, Endorsed allows employers the opportunity to give upfront job offers to suitable candidates, which can either be accepted or rejected. This takes a great deal of pressure out of the process for you and saves you loads of time. You can relax knowing that someone else will send you suitable opportunities linked to your skill set and knowledge.


6. Schedule Interviews

Endorsed gives candidates the opportunity to schedule interviews accordingly with their potential employer to a time and date which is suited to both parties. Unlike formal application processes, candidates may not be expected to attend set-in-stone interview dates which are solely suited to the employer, but through discussion via the messaging platform, a compromise can be made. This level of flexibility means you’re less likely to raise suspicion at your current employer.


Want to forget the job search and land your dream job? Get Endorsed today!

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