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We imagined a world where hiring the best people and getting hired by the most inspirational employers was simple, fast and intelligent. Everything we do at Endorsed is focused on make this a reality. We know it’s been hard to love hiring, but we’re on a mission to convince you.

Why? Because we understand that your success is
determined by your access to the best talent when you need it.




When we're old and grey and hopefully chilling on a beach somewhere warm,
we want to look back and be really proud of all the people we've been able to help succeed.

We think the only way to achieve this is to live by values which are inspirational and honest, to deliver…

Excellence | About Endorsed


We're all about delivering outstanding quality. From our product and services, to the process of endorsing our candidates, we seek to be excellent. It's also about how we operate with our team mates: how we speak to each other, work better together and support each other.

Fast | About Endorsed


Let's be clear, we're not on a reckless high speed mission. But, we do recognise that the ability to move at pace is absolutely key to best support you to succeed. This value helps us to remember not to get hung up on the stuff that will inhibit your success today.

Online Hiring Platform | Endorsed


From then to now: a short history of Endorsed
location | About Endorsed


We’re not going to lie, we were inspired by Uber. When the concept landed, it really epitomised how society was evolving to expect on demand and hyperconnected services. Couple this with our in depth understanding of the existing frustrations linked to hiring and getting hired, and Endorsed was born.

stacked | About endorsed

Get Stacked

Endorsed catapulted into the web development and big data space armed with a team of tech recruiters who really understand the high demand tech stacks and analytics. We believed this would ensure we could represent the best candidates in this space. We were right, and our first clients are happy.

question | About Endorsed

What’s In a Name

Apparently a lot. We tried an awful lot of (awful) names before deciding on Endorsed. For us being Endorsed really means something. It is all about quality. A recommendation. Understanding that a candidate is the best in their field. Excellence. It’s the foundation of our business, so seemed fitting we coined it as our name too.

Apple | About Endorsed

The Big Apple

Endorsed has landed in the U.S.A. Our success in Europe, and our international network of clients have taken us to The Big Apple, focusing on Advanced Analytics and Microsoft markets. We’re also massive fans of hot dogs, but that is merely a coincidence.

Hotdesk | About Endorsed

Maybe We Should Hot Desk?

It’s really exciting. We’re growing fast, bringing on experts to bolster our proposition and help us achieve our vision faster. We’ve outgrown our office already. Time to start hot desking then team . . .


Our team is great. We wanted to introduce you to some of the key members who are building our tech and driving our strategies. Unfortunately, we haven't got space to introduce you to all of our customer success consultants, but we pride ourselves on having one of the largest, most skilled customer success teams in the market.

Ezra Chapman


Ezra Chapman

Executive Chairman

Serial entrepreneur and technology evangelist with superhuman attention to detail. Passionate and always enthusiastic with a love for travel, fitness and great food.
Larissa Foster


Larissa Foster

Managing Director

Enthusiastic, passionately creative, cheesy pop music lover. Fiercely ambitious, process driven, super organised Mummy, coffee addict and occasional karaoke queen.
Anil Vithani


Anil Vithani

Chief Technology Officer

Fiercely process driven, logical, non techie techie. Laser focused, unreal multi-tasker with a flair for the dramatic. Loves a beer in the sun, after a long run and some vegan food. (Yum)
Georgina Park


Georgina Park

Head of Marketing

Countessa & Marketing Queen B. Lectures for CIM. Always on the go. Loves travelling (and wine). Very dog obsessed. Extreme organiser.
Jim Watson


Jim Watson

Training Manager

Technical friend. Business-Process friend. Regular friend. Curious, optimistic, patient and open-minded. Music lover. Laughter lover. Occasional MAMIL. Permanent dad.
Virginia Fuerst


Virginia Fuerst

Event Marketing Manager

Event planner extraordinaire. LinkedIn superstar. Super organised. Dog lover. Lived in UAE. Checks out all the best restaurants. Never seen without a Chanel scarf.
Van Anh Thi Le


Van Anh Thi Le

Paid Marketing Manager

Crafty marketing strategist. Devious schemer with German bluntness. Glutton with a soft spot for London’s street food. Relatively pleasant.
Felicia Thelin


Felicia Thelin

Social & Organic Marketing Manager

Creative tech marketing guru. Swedish strategist with flawless track record. Amazingly humble and very grounded. A nice shoulder to cry on.
Selina Chung


Selina Chung

Content Marketing Assistant

Content Marketing Club Member. Multilingual language lover with six different homes. Usually seen ferociously tapping away at her keyboard. Chocoholic and skincare enthusiast.
Vishal Vaid


Vishal Vaid

Technical Marketing Manager

Technology geek. Married to a computer geek. Raising one future computer geek. Love driving @loud music. Music addict #DJ mixing.
Harry Hughes


Harry Hughes

UX Designer

World class designer by day, boxer by night. Apple Mac mastermind and the “go to” for all your problems. I can make anything look mega.
Melary Macias - Ramos


Melary Macias - Ramos

UX Designer

A fierce geek...Problem solver, Process Driven, Tech Savvy, loves yoga, surfing and cats

What life is like at Endorsed

We wanted to build a business that makes a real difference to the lives of our customers. A business that we’re all proud to have built and grown. We also want to have fun doing it. A bit of balance is healthy we think.

So whether it’s the free breakfasts, learning and development sessions, free bar on a Friday, or the music pumping through the office (there may also be dancing); life at Endorsed is pretty great. We’re also passionate about working closely with Great Ormond Street Hospital and our Football Academy, Mousehole FC.

Giving back to those who need it.

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Online Hiring Platform | Endorsed

We do our bit

This extraordinary hospital cares for seriously ill children to give them the best chance to fulfil their potential. We’re proud to support GOSH and continue to raise as much money as possible for this wonderful hospital.

Inspiring the future generation.

Mousehole AFC

Online Hiring Platform | Endorsed

The Endorsed Academy

The Endorsed Development Programme at Mousehole AFC gives Cornwall’s footballing talent the best platform to develop and realise their full potential. As a club we're totally focused on developing talents to win.

A Wealth of Opportunities
From Companies That Matter

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Join Us

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our gang and get involved in our vision. If you’re ambitious, creative, passionate and a lot of fun we want to hear from you.

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